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Deciding to Adopt

The decision to adopt is something that many parents and couples struggle with for years. No matter what the circumstances, parenting is a life changing decision and so many questions and uncertainties accompany it. Here are some ideas on how to begin the adoption process.

What is a Home Study?

A home study is an assessment conducted of prospective adoptive parents that includes basic information drawn from interviews with your family and provided by third parties. The goal of the adoption home study is to assess whether the prospective adoptive parents have the ability to make a lifelong commitment to providing a nurturing home to […]

Do You Need an Adoption Lawyer?

Adoption is a big decision and a wonderful way to expand your family. However, the laws governing adoption can often times be complex and difficult to understand. A lawyer who specializes in adoption can help make the adoption process as smooth as possible. An adoption lawyer will be knowledgeable on state- and country-specific adoption laws […]

Celebrating the Holidays as a Family

  The holidays are one of the happiest times of the year, but, for foster and/or adopted children, it can also be a stressful time as issues may surface that don’t bring much joy. Here are some helpful tips to remember when planning your holiday with your foster and/or adopted children: Help Your Child Understand […]

Can You Be a Foster Parent?

There is a special set of rules and requirements in order to become a foster parent. These rules are less restricting than many individuals and couples may expect.  Read the basic requirements below to see if you are qualified to be a foster parent: Age: In Texas, the minimum age requirement to be a foster […]

Optimism During the Adoption Process

During the adoption process, it can be difficult finding support and empathy from friends who are unfamiliar with adoption.  After making the decision to adopt, many families experience stress and uncertainty when waiting for a match or the official completion of their adoption. However, if you have made the conscious choice to adopt, then you […]

Explaining Adoption to Your Child

The idea of sharing a child’s adoption story with them can be intimidating to some adoptive parents. Being open and honest from day one will help make the conversation easier as you build and develop your relationship with an adopted child. Here are some ideas and tips to make discussing adoption easier: • Be willing […]

Affording Adoption

Deciding to adopt a child is the beginning of an exciting and challenging journey. It is important to keep cost in mind when considering adoption.  The price of adoption, however, should not discourage you from bringing a new life into your family. If the price seems daunting, there are many options to help finance your adoption, […]