Adoption Services

The prospect of adoption is often an exciting, yet demanding process for an adopting family. Because a mistake in the legal process can result in the loss of an adopted child, hiring the right adoption attorneys is paramount for the legal permanency of an adoption.

Brown Pruitt’s adoption attorneys are experts in each type of Texas adoption. Whether you are looking to adopt a family member, a child from foster care, an infant from a birth mother, or if you are interested any other type of adoption, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your adoption is fully completed in accordance with Texas adoption law.

Below you will find more information on the types of adoption law with which Brown Pruitt can help you expand your family:

  • Adopt a baby in Texas

    Whether you are interested in an agency adoption or private adoption, or have or have yet to find a birth mother, we can help. Read More

  • Adopting a Child From Foster Care

    We are honored to work with families to ensure foster children become permanent members of their forever families. Read More

  • International Re-Adoption

    If you have adopted a child internationally, a re-adoption is an essential step to provide your child proof that he or she is a legal citizen of the United States. Read More

  • Adopting a Stepchild or Grandchild

    Stepparent adoption and grandparent adoption are two very similar processes, each providing certain benefits to the child and adopting parents. Read More

  • Managing Conservatorship

    Often referred to as a guardianship, a managing conservatorship gives the legal authority to look after the wellbeing of a child to someone other than the child’s parent. Read More