Why You Should Legally Adopt an Adult

Just as parents never “outgrow” their children, children never outgrow their need for parental figures, even when they’re 18, 25 or even 40. So if there is an adult in your life who you care deeply about and who you consider a son or daughter, why not make that relationship permanent through adult adoption?

Many people don’t realize that this is an option so they wonder, “Can you adopt an adult?” The answer is absolutely, yes.

Why Adopt an Adult?

An adult adoption is exactly what it sounds like, the adoption of someone over the age of 18. In many instances, this is done for symbolic reasons, but it may also be done for legal reasons such as estate planning.

Here are a few scenarios in which an adult may be adopted:

  • A foster parent may adopt a former foster child who has recently aged out of the foster system. In this instance, an adoption would give provide a sense of familial belonging and would establish rights afforded by the legal parent-child relationship.
  • A stepparent may adopt his or her stepchild as an adult without needing consent from the stepchild’s parent.

Through an adult adoption, the adoptee will gain legal rights afforded by the legal relationship. Perhaps the most significant benefits to adult adoption are the emotional ones. In many cases, adult adoptions provide a sense of belonging and permanence for everyone in the family.

How to Adopt an Adult in Texas

The process for adopting an adult is quite simple. Because the adoptee is an adult, it is no longer necessary to terminate the parental rights of his or her parents. There is also no need for the adopting parents to complete a home study prior to beginning the process.

The overall process mainly consists of legal documents that must be filled out, signed and notarized, as well as a short court hearing to finalize the adoption.

Adult adoption is the perfect way for you to legalize an important relationship that you share with an adult you love, and it will bring a sense of permanency to the entire family. Having an experienced law firm like Brown Pruitt by your side will ensure that the adoption is completed soundly and that all Texas laws have been followed along the way.

If you are interested in pursuing an adult adoption, please contact Brown Pruitt today to get started or to receive free information.