Can You Be a Foster Parent?


There is a special set of rules and requirements in order to become a foster parent. These rules are less restricting than many individuals and couples may expect.  Read the basic requirements below to see if you are qualified to be a foster parent:

Age: In Texas, the minimum age requirement to be a foster parent is 21.

Citizenship: In order to be a foster parent you must be a US Citizen, legal permanent resident, or legally residing in the US.

Relationship Status: Foster parents can be single, married, or divorced. Proof of marriage and/or divorce must be shown.  There is no requirement of having had children before. If you share your residence with a partner or spouse you must both become licensed foster parents.

Residential Status: You must agree to a home study before you can become a foster parent.  You may rent or own your residence so long as you have adequate room for the foster child.

Financial Status: You must be financially stable to become a foster parent.  Copies of recent paychecks will be required from foster parents.   These ensure stability and prevent people from becoming foster parents for the state-provided aid.

Health Status: Foster parents must receive a physical exam before becoming licensed, to ensure they are healthy enough to care for the foster child.

Foster parents must also get a background check and take free training classes to learn about abused and neglected children.

There are no requirements regarding religionrace, or ethnic background.

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