Adopting a Grandchild in Texas

When a grandparent is raising a child without being his or her legal guardian, they will often run into roadblocks with everyday tasks, such as obtaining a passport or insurance for the child or even enrolling him or her in school. In these situations, Brown Pruitt recommends that the grandparent legally adopt their grandchild.

Grandparent adoption is when a child’s grandparents adopt him or her. It is an excellent option for families where the child has been placed with the grandparent through CPS or by the parent themselves. The process of adopting a grandchild in Texas is relatively simple and can be done with the consent of the biological parents.

If you are currently raising your grandchild(ren) in your home and would like to take steps to adopt him or her, Brown Pruitt can help.

Benefits of Grandparent Adoption in Texas

When a grandparent is raising their grandchild, they take on all of the responsibilities of a parent. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child; they sign the child up for piano lessons and sports; they take them to the doctor and the dentist. For all intents and purposes, they are the child’s parents, but without the legal and formal recognition.

Adopting a grandchild provides grandparents with important legal rights needed to successfully parent him or her. Without adoption, grandparents have limited legal rights. Beyond the legal aspects, there are many emotional benefits that come with adopting your grandchildren.

Below are just a few of the many benefits to adopting a grandchild in Texas:

  • Legal Recognition: When you adopt your grandchild, you become the child’s legal parent. Becoming the child’s legal mother or father often simplifies everyday tasks, such as taking them to the doctor and making medical decisions for him or her. All of the legal rights and responsibilities generally awarded to parents are assumed by the grandparents.
  • Financial Benefits: As a grandparent raising a grandchild, it can be difficult to obtain insurance for the child or designate him or her as a beneficiary. However, completing a grandparent adoption and becoming his or her legal parent greatly simplifies these tasks.
  • Stability: Perhaps the most significant benefits to come from grandparent adoption are the emotional ones. For a grandparent acting as primary caregiver, obtaining full parental rights to the child you already consider your own often provides a sense of fulfillment and joy. It also provides stability and permanence to your family. No longer will your grandchild question their place in your family, as they will know without a doubt that you love them as your own.

How to Adopt a Grandchild in Texas

For those wishing to pursue a grandparent adoption, Brown Pruitt can help you legally adopt your grandchild through the following steps:

1. Termination of Parental Rights
2. Complete Home Study
3. Child Consent
4. Court Hearing

Grandparent adoption is a great way to establish parental rights and provide your family with a strong sense of permanence. Having an experienced law firm like Brown Pruitt by your side will ensure that the adoption is completed soundly and that all Texas laws have been followed along the way.

If you are interested in pursuing a grandparent adoption, please contact Brown Pruitt today to get started or to receive free information.