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6 Ways to Help Others Understand Adoption

It’s an unfortunate truth many adoptive families know all too well: there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding modern adoptions.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of negative comments or insensitive questions about your adoption, it can be difficult to know how to respond. While you’re never obligated to talk about your adoption story or act as a spokesperson for the adoption community, one constructive option is to take it as an opportunity to explain and normalize adoption.

In fact, as an adoptive parent, there are many ways you can help create a more positive and supportive view of adoption. Here are six other ideas to help spread adoption awareness:

1. Tell your story.

Your adoption story is something to be proud of. Look for opportunities to promote adoption awareness through face-to-face conversations, online forums and chats, and even formal speaking engagements. If you are especially passionate about sharing your story and advice for other families pursuing adoption, you could even consider starting your own adoption blog.

2. Get social.

Social media can be a great way to keep up with important adoption news, share useful adoption information and keep friends and followers informed of your own adoption experiences. Using hashtags like #adoption and #adoptionislove can help you connect with an online community of other members of the adoption triad.

3. Contact your representatives.

Adoption laws are regulated by the state. Make your support of adoption known by communicating with your local representatives about any issues impacting adoption, including adoption tax credits and resources allocated to child welfare agencies.

4. Contact the media.

TV stations and community newspapers often cover local families’ adoption stories. If you’re comfortable doing so, consider submitting your personal adoption story to your local media outlets. You can also reach out to your adoption professional and offer to share a testimonial. In addition, many parenting websites and adoption information sites will also share families’ stories as a way to promote adoption.

5. Coordinate an event.

Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to recognize and celebrate adoption. Consider hosting a party to celebrate National Adoption Day, your child’s adoption anniversary, or another date that has meaning for you as an adoptive family. Or, contact your child’s school or the local library and offer to host an adoption discussion or read an adoption-themed book for story time.

6. Get involved.

Look for opportunities to get involved in your community. Spreading adoption awareness doesn’t have to involve any special effort — just being a well-liked person who happens to be an adoptive parent or adoptee can help those around you see adoption as a normal way to build a family. Whether it’s volunteering at your child’s school, joining a local parents’ group or something as simple as inviting new friends into your home, every interaction you have is an opportunity to set a positive example of adoption.

The adoption attorneys at Brown Pruitt have seen firsthand how positive adoption can be for Texas families. If you want to learn more about adoption in Texas, contact us today to get the information you need to get started.