How to Adopt a Baby in Texas

 The Brown Pruitt adoption team specializes in providing all of the legal services required to adopt a baby in Texas, including:

• Free initial consultation
• Parental rights termination paperwork and court proceedings
• Provide information on birth parent attorney
• Home study referral and coordination
• Communication and preparation with hospital
• Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) clearances
• Finalization paperwork and proceedings
• Birth Certificate arrangement

By choosing Brown Pruitt to help you adopt a baby, you will have not one but three adoption attorneys collectively working on your case. We work cooperatively with one another so we are all up to date on your case and one of us is almost always available to answer your questions.

Have You Located a Birth Mother?

If you have already located a birth mother (or want to try to find one on your own) and she does not require living expenses, we will not need to involve an adoption agency, and our firm can legally complete the rest of the adoption process. This is known as an “independent adoption” or “private adoption.” In an independent adoption, you may provide medical counseling and legal fees to birth parents.

If, however, you need help finding a birth mother, we can refer you to one of our trusted adoption agencies to help you with this part of the adoption process, and Brown Pruitt would then complete the legal process once a match is made. This is known as an “agency adoption.”

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

By clicking this article, you are clearly interested in how to adopt a baby in Texas, but are you ready to take that next step?

Feel free to contact our team anytime for a free consultation, when we can explain the adoption process and answer any of your questions, of course with no obligation.

Here are the steps you will need to take to adopt your baby:

Adoption is a life-changing event in one’s life, and a decision that should be 100-percent supported by both you and your spouse. Be sure to do plenty of research, ask all of your questions and make sure adoption is right for your family before taking that next step.