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10 Tips for Adoptive Parents

Adoption can be an overwhelming time not only for the adoptee, but also the adoptive parents. In preparation for your life as an adoptive parent, consider these ten useful tips for adoptive parents: 1. Be patient and ready to wait. Adoption is often a pretty lengthy process – it does not just happen overnight. Be […]

Why Consult With An Adoption Attorney

Adoption laws across the United States are statutory and they must be followed to the letter in order for a successful adoption to occur. An adoption attorney is your best advocate to ensure a successful adoption. Working with an expert in adoption law will help ensure that your adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible. Here […]

Adoption Statistics

Adoption can be a daunting topic for many that are interested in undertaking the process. If you’re considering adoption and are completely new to the concept, consider these statistics on adoption: 6 in 10 Americans have had a personal experience with adoption. An estimated 1 million children in the United States live with adopted parents. […]

Accuracy for Adoptees Act

Signed into law S.1614, the Accuracy for Adoptees Act helps adoptive children who had been given inaccurate birthdates abroad by requiring federal agencies to recognize amended birth dates as issued by state courts. This is often an issue for children who were abandoned at orphanages without any birth record or who were given a “best […]