Affording Adoption


Deciding to adopt a child is the beginning of an exciting and challenging journey. It is important to keep cost in mind when considering adoption.  The price of adoption, however, should not discourage you from bringing a new life into your family.

If the price seems daunting, there are many options to help finance your adoption, including grants, loans, and fundraising:

There are a variety of grants available to adoptive families.  These grants often apply to certain types of adoption, religious affiliation, location, or children with specific backgrounds, origins, and special needs.  There are a large number organizations dedicated to adoption grants that receive many applications each year, so be sure to do your research before applying. Be prepared when applying for a grant as most grants also have deadlines, home study requirements, and application fees. 

Adoption loans can be acquired from a bank or an adoption-focused organization.  There is also the option on many plans to borrow money from your 401k.  Bank loans can be acquired through a home equity loan or through a low interest credit card.  Some organizations offer low and no-interest loans specifically for adoption. The Adoption tax credit can help you pay off these loans once you have completed your adoption. There are also subsidies available to parents who adopt children with special needs.

Whether you start a bake sale, send letters to friends, or use an adoption fundraising website – fundraising is a common method to generate money for adoption.  With some careful planning and focused effort it is possible to raise money for your adoption, especially when you explain your cause.  Get creative and be willing to use multiple methods like garage sales, marathons, or selling crafts, foods, and services.

This article was developed based on’s Affording Adoption.