Optimism During the Adoption Process


During the adoption process, it can be difficult finding support and empathy from friends who are unfamiliar with adoption.  After making the decision to adopt, many families experience stress and uncertainty when waiting for a match or the official completion of their adoption. However, if you have made the conscious choice to adopt, then you should not let these fears get in the way of a future full of happiness with your new family.


Common worries from future adoptive parents include concern that the potential birth mom will change her mind, fear of never being paired with a child, and questions of whether the process is worth it.  If you are experiencing similar stress, we have some suggestions to help you stay positive throughout the process.


1. If you genuinely dream of becoming a parent, try to imagine what it will be like to bring your baby home for the first time.  Visualize what your life will be like and all the things you will be able to do for your future child.  Even when times are stressful, remember that the best things are worth waiting for.


2. Be willing to accept that some things are not meant to be.  If a birth mother does decide not to go through with an adoption, then it was simply not the right match. The perfect child is waiting for you in the future and he/she will come along when the time is right.


3. Remember that most prospective adoptive parents are eventually matched with children.  While the time spent waiting for a match can feel like an eternity, the chances of having a successful adoption are in your favor.  Using the help of an adoption attorney, like those at Brown Pruitt, only further helps ensure your success.


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Based on Adoptimist’s article: Staying Positive During the Wait to Adopt